Hello world!

Today starts a new adventure for Travelust. I started Travelust as the house brand for my store little things back in 2011 using a stamp collection I received from my husband’s uncle. His father had collected stamps from the early 1930s through the 80s. Stamps quickly turned into a shelf full of atlases and a shoebox of old maps. I started experimenting with different settings, earrings, brooches, wine stops and even did a short run of Christmas ornaments. Running the store took up a lot of my time, but I loved making custom pieces for people because I got to hear their stories about the most amazing places that captured their hearts.

After having our firstborn, Penelope, I closed the store so I could enjoy being a mom for a while and have been doing street fairs, craft shows, and etsy sales part time ever since. In 2016 we added another little girl to our family, Fiona, and now that she’s getting bigger, and Penelope is starting kindergarten in the fall, it’s time to get back up to full speed with making keepsakes to remind people of the places they’ve been, want to go, or created a special memory at.