Custom Map Cuff Bracelet


ONE Personalized location tie clip. Nickel and lead-free antique bronze. The perfect gift to memorialize the memories of your special event at your favorite destination.



When ordering, please include the city you’d like to feature in YOUR very own and special Travelust CUFF BRACELET. Custom maps take a tad longer since we verify the map with you before creating your bracelet. Usually 2-5 days for making, then they ship. If you have ANY questions or would like multiples (groomsman gifts) go ahead and place the order for the entire amount and let me know you want them all the same.

Travelust can customize any necklace/bracelet/brooch/keychain/earrings/belt buckle/cufflinks with your hometown, city you lust over, where you met your love, got engaged, had an amazing vacation, went to college, PHOTOS, the sky is the limit. Let’s chat and get you something amazing <3


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