About us

Welcome to Travelust Jewelry. We’re glad you reached your destination safely. We’ve always believed that traveling inspires one to enjoy the journey no matter where you are on the way to your destination. With that in mind, there are always destinations you’ll cherish. Why not have us create a personalized map jewelry piece to remind you of it.

(trav‘el-lust) v.t. to have a strong desire of a journey: n. jewelry inspired by vintage travel.
v.t. I have travelusted to go there for soooo long.
n. Yes, this necklace is Travelust.

Inspired by travel and made with a curated collection of vintage atlases. Travelust is meant to showcase YOUR special place. Somewhere you had an amazing memory, fell in love, or somewhere you’ll always call home. Our jewelry is created by featuring destinations from around the world in metal settings.

Made in Portland, Oregon